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What are you paying for? Good question so here we go!

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What goes into your session? A good question to ask as it is not just a case of someone turning up with a fancy camera and firing off hundreds of photos and then calling it job done!
Put it this way I am always looking for THE shot and work hard to get it. The same as when I am working in Africa with animals such as Leopards, Lions and Elephants etc I am always aiming to capture the one shot that really captures and expresses the individual animal at that time.
So here goes In brief this is what you are to put it bluntly paying for !

1. After either receiving your enquiry or having your booking for a photo session I will phone to discuss firstly any specific requirements that you may have/need from the shoot and arrange a time and place for the session . Especially through the summer when light can be extremely harsh and contrasty generally early mornings and late afternoons are preferable.I also have a few special favoured places to carry out the sessions which are picked for diversity of backgrounds , quietness and light direction all helping to make the sessions both successful and enjoyable for all concerned. Although as with everything I am very flexible and we can discuss suitable times and places to suit.

2. The photo session will last for roughly 2 hours during which we will take a walk with your dog or dogs and I will capture a variety of shots from informal portraits to action and general fun photos of your dog in lovely natural settings and light.

3. After the session is over it is my time to be bound to the desk in the office!! The post processing/developing of images from the days session begins!
This entails me going through all the images captured and editing and developing the photos that make it through to the final editing stages. I will process all remaining images and prepare them for your viewing in your own personal gallery. This process usually takes a few hours atleast.

4. After setting up your gallery with the images from your shoot I will send you the link for you to view your finished photos.
You can order a variety of prints and framed photos directly from your gallery where they will be posted out to you direct . The gallery of images will be available for 2 months from me sending you the link ( if you need more time please ask) after which I keep your images for one year before archiving the photos from your session. They will always be available but a small fee (£25 redeemable if ordering more prints) will be payable for retrieval and setting up a gallery again.

5. All printing is carried out professionally by one of the UKs biggest and best printing companies LOXLEY colour who handle all the printing, framing postage and if needed returns etc ( they operate a 30 day return policy)

I hope this explains a bit more about the sessions and what is both involved and what you are getting in return for payment of my services.
Again any queries please message me