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Summer fun!

Summer photography sessions, fun in the sun?
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Beautiful evening sunlight and the start of a great evenings photo shoot.
With long hot days ( sometimes!) I often get asked to do sessions in the daytime.However as always whether it is a Dog or my other wildlife subjects my main concern is first and foremost the welfare of the subject.
In the hot weather that we have recently been experiencing therefore my answer is always that we will be holding our photography sessions early in the day or later in the evening.
Apart from the fact that you will get much better photos as a result the welfare of the dog must come first .
The quality of light available early morning or late evening more than makes up for any slight inconvenience that you may have also you will have a much happier Dog!
Long,still summer evenings lend themselves to back lighting the subject and this can produce some beautifully evocative images.
Planning further ahead for the autumn when the natural colours of the countryside can provide different and stunning settings for your Dog or dogs.
I constantly keep an eye on my regular locations for photo shoots and also scout out new sites to use throughout the year.
Please get in touch for any more Information if you are interested in any sort of photo shoot for your favourite pets!