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Back from Kenya

My day job! Otherwise known as being a wildlife photographer on location!
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I have just returned from working in the Mara north conservancy area of the Masai Mara Kenya.
With my main intention of capturing various animals in the short rainy season I have been trying to get these shots for nearly 5 years and have completed many trips in the rainy seasons and have came home without witnessing any rain at all!
This time however everything came together perfectly and I finally had the shots I have been after for so long with Lions playing in the rain, Elephants having mud baths and fighting over the best spots .I was even lucky enough to witness and photograph over a period of 3 hours a Giraffe giving birth.
Anyway now back home and sorting out my images for various magazines, agencies and prints etc I will also be looking at different locations and offers to incorporate into my Dog photography work.
Please follow the links for my wildlife work and please get in touch if you have any queries regarding having your Dog ,dogs or other pets photographed.
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