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The difficulty of choice?

How to choose your final pictures?
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A few days after your photography session you will be sent a range of images which I will say there you go the choice is yours!
Hurry up and pick which ones you want! ( not really you have as much time as you want!)
One of a few things may now happen possible panic or quick and calm selection! Actually probably closer to being completely undecided and a few days/weeks of constantly
changing your mind may now ensue.
Of course you could ask me or someone else to choose for you good idea but not really conducive to a long happy marriage with the final product perhaps?
My suggestions will be based on what I am seeing from my test prints and knowledge of how the final framed print will look and I will be viewing them as a whole set all ready .

In the ideal world the choice is made easier if you have an idea of what you want from the finished product before we even start taking photos, from a certain style or pose of your furry friend to how many final pictures you may want to display.
I am often glad that it is not me that needs to make the final decision .
No matter what you decide you will end up with a set of framed prints that you will cherish forever.
ALL the photos from your session are archived and backed up in 3 duplicate hard drives and if you ever want to order more prints or have another look if you wanted more framed prints etc then this can be easily arranged.
To round up this rambling post I think if you try to have an idea of what you would like in the first instance and then when it comes to the final choice make a short list and then discuss with me what you are planning to frames and print wise and between us we should be able to make a hard decision slightly less stressful!